Where has your Grandad gone?

Honesty Out of the mouths of babes

It was a happy accident really. In my role as Bishop's Visitor I had two school events in one day. 

It started with the nursery class visiting the churchyard to look for signs of Autumn. One young man soon began exploring for himself, and found an honesty plant, with lots of shiney white translucent pods holding black seeds. With a little help from the vicar (the stalks are quite tough) he was able to take his find  back to the collecting bag.

I had to answer some very deep questions on our circuit of the churchyard - did I live in this big house on my own? Where did God live? What does he do?  Does he have a wand? but the one that floored me most was the one in the title.  Where did that come from? Both mine had died before I was born so that was my answer, with the faith addition of their present whereabouts. Which seemed to puzzle the child.

After lunch, I too went to school for my regular chat with the head teacher and to take part in junior assembly. This is where the coincidence occurred. I had forgotten in the bedlam of the church yard that the Value for this half term is Honesty. After the acclamation which begins assembly, we played 'Simon Says'. Would we be honest and sit down if we got it wrong? It was followed by discussion on why we had/had not been honest. What happens when we are not honest?  Does it matter? Is there a right time to be honest or to lie?

Which brings me back to that puzzling question and answer.  The child, so we discovered was referring to the vicar, who had left part way through the visit!  So my answer was not truthful but  would he have understood the honest answer any better?  It caused much laughter in the congragation on Sunday - the poor chap is quite a bit younger than me!

How honest are you in your business? Would you lie, or massage the truth for the sake of a sale? Or does honesty matter more in the relationship with your customers?

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