Thoughts on an Anniversary

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One year ago today I wrote 'It seemed a normal Sunday, but there were differences' 

The following day I wrote 'Gradually life is collapsing all around me... just because of a date on my birth certificate I am more at risk than others!' And the quotation was added to my facebook page.

And I walked into unknown territory every day, not knowing how or if our small business would survive.

Yet a year later,I realise that I have embraced the difference, I have been stretched.  I have discovered a way of belonging in fresh ways.

I have learnt much, and have written a book. I have made many new friends but lost some I care about. I have missed planned celebrations and family visits but I have been a lot luckier than many.

But we are coming through, and I give thanks.

How would you sum up your own experience of the last year?



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