Technology word of the year

Being in my eyes a mere female and technology a man thing, I not only know nothing but am scared of it! The end of the world might happen if I press the wrong button!

However at the beginning of 2020 when challenged, I was brave, or foolish enough to chose 'technology' as my word of the year. With the help of various on line groups and courses, I have progressed a little. Let's be honest, I have had to get at least the basics in order for my business to survive at all this year!

I thought I was doing better - I post regularly on FB (I can even schedule when I remember) and Twitter, and I am becoming a Canva queen, though Instagram and worse still Pinterest send my brain to a mush. Instagram annoys because I can only use it on the mobile which I can hardly see, let alone have fingers small enough to press one button at a time. Pinterest starts beautifully tidy but then somehow gets all messed up with repeats and unwanted stuff I cann't get rid of.

Santa however is obviously not impressed and thinks otherwise, so has delivered! Now my 2021 words are obviously two, 'business  technology'. Oh my poor brain!

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