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In January I bought a candle for a smoked-glass candleholder which looked classy on top of the fireplace where it was pretty, but pretty useless.



Then came COVID-19…… and lockdown….. and a suggestion from the Archbishops!  A lighted candle in a window would symbolise prayers for our country and the situation. So I moved it to the porch and lit it each week.

Then tragedy struck! The weather got warmer and in the warmth of the south facing porch, it began to melt! It bent over from the middle and the soft wax filled the rim of the holder. The wick was almost horizontal. Could it be saved?

Carefully I propped the holder up in another bowl, As it burned down the melting wax ran over the edges of the holder and into the bowl, until it was safe to stand up on it’s own. Then lockdown ended, and it sat forlorn and unused once more.

Until, that is, it replaced a candle, used during morning devotions, that had burned down leaving unused wax. As it burned down, pieces of the old candle were added in, but because of it’s bent shape, it burned in a diagonal fashion, forming a large pool under overhanging walls to one side, which threatened to drown it. But it kept going, even reflecting its own small light in the pool.

Our business, like the candle, has a change of shape, working in new ways. In January my business was not working as there were no craft fairs, then things looked brighter with Spring bookings. But suddenly it was bent by misfortune not of our own making. Summer brought rescue, Autumn nearly drowned us. Now our minimal efforts online have been improved with new input and we end the year with hope.


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