That was a week, that was!

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Since before the first lockdown I have had a dodgy leg, painful and liable to give way at any time. But I have learned to cope with that.

This though, all started last week with a visit to the dentist - 3 extractions!

It did not go well and by the time I emerged I felt like one of the famous ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit. However, there is no peace for the wickedand while I tried to rest at home, the window installer arrived. His efforts to remove the old window was just as much of a struggle as the dentists was when removing tooth no. 3, and I sat wrapped in my shawl and quilt feeling cold and miserable. For the next few days I dragged myself around, staring at one screen or another, doing nothing productive and living on pain killer and soft foods. Nodding off after the slighteest effort

On Monday we had to travel to Yorkshire for a family funeral which wasn't as bad as I expected but I was still drained, and the next two days I returned to my misery.

The surgery had arranged for a further two extractions a week after the first, but after discussion and examination, he decided to leave it a few weeks to let the first ones heal. SoI returned home to my chair and soft diet.

Why am I tellng you this?

Because I have realised just how easy it is to slip into depression. People tell me to rest and give it time - but that is whatI have been doing - all week! I can either let my life unravel or I can pull myself together.

I have chosen the latter! I am back on the job!

Anyone want a quilt or cushion making?


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