Simple Pleasure

Charityfundraising Cotton photoquilt pocket cushion Promotion

I am a girl with simple pleasures, and it doesn't take much to cheer me up!

A walk to the Post Office did nothing for my bad leg - which I am apparently imagining, as an X-ray a year ago showed nothing wrong, so I collapsed in my chair feeling sorry for myself. I might have sat there all morning, wasting time doing nothing, but a delivery changed everything.

 I felt (almost!) like dancing when I opened the parcel! A whole series of soft cotton fabrics on a farmyard theme with buildings, animals, tools and fruit trees from a Tilda collection, bought in a clearance sale. I could remain in the chair and stroke them all afternoon, or I could go down to the sewing room and make something to make you as happy as me.

Now - who would like a photoquilt, or a pocket cushion?

#GrannyMaud  #EndAHC  #humantimebombs

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