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‘ not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing...’ * - or in my case the other way round!

My job description in LinkedIn  is ‘charity fundraiser’ and that is what I am passionate about, but I was challenged this morning to think about how I handle promotions.

There is a fine line between raising the profile of charities, or encouraging support, and proclaiming our good deeds. How many have posted of success in a sponsored endeavour? – and when you think about it honestly, why? Am I doing it to attract attention to myself, or genuinely trying to raise awareness for a cause and the need to find a cure?  I sincerely hope it is the second !

There will be few reading this who have heard of AHC – there are so few cases in the world and only 4 in the UK that I know of. I always attach the hashtags #CureAHC and #Humantimebombs, links to the website and a short emotional Utube about the family I support, but how many follow hashtags?

There will be further posts on the back story to my fundraising business in the coming weeks, but for now I would be interested in your thoughts on how to keep my right hand from applauding my left hand’s generosity. (To misquote John Stott in his book, the Message of the Sermon on the Mount.)

*Matthew Ch 6 v 3 (New International Version)



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