2021 E-commerce Toolkit word of the year

About 10 years ago when we moved house, the Grump put a small suitcase up in the loft. 'This is your toolkit ready for if or when anything should happen to me', he told me!
My answer was - I don't need one, just give me a telephone directory!

I don't do technology -of any sort! It is a man thing, and if something goes wrong there will be a man to fix it - from leaky taps to computers. Yes, computers!!! They are a bit like the human reproductive system, so complicated and liable to breakdowns that they must have been invented by a man.

But with the coming of lockdown, I had to make an effort to change. My challenge word for 2020 was technology and I have struggled to improve on various social media. Now with 2021, I need to take it a step further. One technology that beat me was setting up a website, but thanks to a very kind friend, I now have one.
My challenge word for 2021, therefore, could be nothing else but E-Commerce! (Is that even one word?)
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