My Icelandic 'family'!

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Do you ever have a feeling that you are here for a reason?

This family is my reason.

Here we have three generations of one family, nearly two thousand miles away in the North Atlantic. Sunna, her Mum and her Grandmother. I have never met Sunna, have only met Ragga as a young girl, but Gunny has been my penfriend for nearly 60 years.

Why then are they so special? Because they are links in a chain that goes back a further two generations to the days of the second world war, and that story is for another day.

But for today, Sunna has Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, and if you have been following the story this week you will know that there is no cure. There are not enough other children like her to make the drug companies take interest, and research is expensive and takes a long time.

Which is where I come in - I spend my time making quilts, cushions and other household goods, and sell them at craft fairs to raise the money to help to fund the research and increase awareness. Covid has not been kind to fundraisers so  I have moved on line, but it is a struggle.

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