Moses turns down donations!

I learned something in my readings this week (well I often do, but this is relevant to me as a crafter!).

We are plodding through the part of Exodus which deals with the setting up of the tabernacle, the place where the Ark of the Covenant is kept and where worship is to take place. A long slog through minute details and lengths and widths and heights which I once knew the conversions for but have long since forgotten!

Apparently, the first person in the Bible to receive the Spirit of God was  a man named Bezalel the leader of  a group of crafters with the God given skill of making all the things needed for the tent of meeting and to make it beautiful. He was given knowledge of all crafts and the ability to teach them.

They then set about making all the different things following the specific instructions God had given them, using items donated by the rest of the people - in fact, they got so much donated that they pleaded with  Moses  to tell the people not to bring any more!!


This resonated with me because I am often donated fabrics, threads and tools etc that people think I might find a use for. But unlike Moses I rarely refuse anything—which gives Tony something else to moan about! Sometimes I share my bounty with other likeminded people; a member of my quilt group bequeathed all her fabrics, tools and storage boxes to the group, and we had a lovely afternoon sharing goodies and memories at the same time. My sister’s stash of knitting wool spread round the country, from Northumberland to Skellingthorpe, as charity knitters set their needles clicking.


Sometimes as I sort through a box, I know immediately what I am going to make and set pieces to one side, sometimes fabrics from one box  match splendidly with some from another box, but others go back in the box until I find that I need a piece just that colour or pattern.  All will eventually be used—if I live long enough! - and will be turned into donations to find a cure for Sunna and her fellow sufferers.




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