What is AHC?

Alternating  Hemiplegia of Childhood 

What does this mean?

AHC is a rare neurological disorder in which repeated, transient attacks of hemiplegia occur, affecting one side of the body or the other, or both sides of the body. The hemiplegia (paralysis of a portion of the body) ranges from simple numbness in an extremity to full loss of feeling and movement. The attacks may last for minutes, hours or even days and are normally relieved by sleep. The attacks of hemiplegia may alternate from one side of the body to another.

Our young friend Sunna, will be 15 next month, she was diagnosed with AHC when she was 2, and she has all these symptoms.

Imagine living with this, or being the parent of a child with this disorder.

Now please watch just the first 6-7 minutes of www,  Did your imaginings match the reality?

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