Frozen Tree top challenge

A few weeks ago we took our teenage grandchildren to an ariel challenge course,at Wild Pines near MarketRasen* which is very well setup and organised, and they thoroughly enjoyed it for nearly two hours - until.... 

On the final challenge, higher up in the trees and with not far to go,,,,,Josh FROZE! Faced with the rolling logs to traverse, he just could not move!

His sister had done it - but he was stuck!

His parents and I all gave advice and suggestions - but he was stuck!

Nothing could make him move.

Then the staff noticed the problem. One got harnessed up, climbed into the trees and joined him on the other end of the high wire. Talking to him all the time, he crossed the logs stepping between them;

"your legs are about as long as mine."

"step over the logs like this."

"step on the wire inbetween the logs"

Then having joined him, he encouraged him to follow.

"Just do what I do"

"Good, now another one"

Until they were both across. Then he made sure confidence was restored, watching Josh across the next challenge before leaving him to finish on his own.

When we talked to Josh afterwards, and asked why he had not done as we suggested, as it was the same as the guide said, his answer was simple-

"He came and did it with me!"

The simplest of challenges  can sometimes make someone freeze. What we need is a guide who will show us the way, taking us with them step by step.

Or are you that guide, willing to climb into the treetops with others and guide them past the rolling logs that are blocking their journey?

I tried to tell Josh that his experience was not unusual. Have you had a similar problem? What do you do when you freeze?




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