The story of Moses finished last week with Moses receiving all the work the crafters had made, which he then set up (with help I am sure!) following the pattern God had given him each step of the way. Unsurprisingly it all worked, and even today is the pattern for the layout of churches.

I have been crafting for many years, but I am also a follower of the pattern. I find it quicker in the long run, as trying to do it 'my way' usually involves unpicking and restitching! Trying a 'simpler, quicker' method of turning this waistcoat for example only wasted an hour and frustrated me as I discovered that what I wanted to do was impossible!
There are times when the pattern maker's instructions are difficult to understand, and it takes perseverance to get it right. - as with the fly and waistband here. But again the pattern maker is right in the end.
The end result was one very happy son in law!

I will be adding waistcoats (men and boys) to my bespoke sales list, but trousers can wait until I can follow that pattern exactly as the maker says! Please get in touch if you are interested - I will follow your instructions to the letter!

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