Finding the Glad in every situation

I came across this quote last night in an excellent book about gratitude (One thousand gifts by Ann Voscamp)

'I'd like some happy blithe Pollyanna words for a happy blithe Pollyanna life'

It made me smile at the memory, but I wonder how many others will recognise the reference? I'd guess you have to be of a 'certain age' and female.

Pollyanna spent her days trying to be glad and trying to make others glad. Gladness rubs off on others, and when she hits a really difficult time, they in their turn try to make her glad again.

Each morning I thank God for things that made me grateful the previous day, even the small things - the lady trying to keep the really rainbow-bright umbrella under control as she passed my window, made me smile and be thankful yesterday.

I must have listed many thousands over the years, but it isn't always easy. The listing should lead on to thanksgiving and it is the two together that can change lives.

It is easy to be glad about sales, but can you be glad when they don't come?

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