Did you watch the first few minutes of www.Humantimebombs?  I spared you the technical details which follow, but  you should know the basic details.  

AHC (Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood) is caused by a mutation of of the ATP1A3 gene. Research is taking place in several institutions, mainly in America, but it will be some time before there are any concrete results. At this time, AHC would still be considered a “new” disorder due to its relatively recent diagnosis. 

There is no proof that the disease is fatal or shortens life expectancy is any way, but sufficient documentation is not available at this time. There is developing evidence that AHC may cause ongoing mental and neurological deficits with a progressive course. 

The causes of hemiplegic attacks differ among children. High stress activities have been know to cause attacks as well as the presence of a cold or upper respiratory problems. Children are affected by bright lights, wind, temperature changes and exposure to water. Many attacks occur for no apparent reason.

Sunna  is a smiley happy teenager, she enjoys school when she is well enough to go, but constant episodes sometimes cause loss of motor or mental capacity. She has an excellent team of carers, but Mum and Dad have given up their stressful jobs  to be with her at home. Not knowing when, or why an episode might occur must be the hardest stress to live with.

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