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I have noticed recently how the first chapter of many novels I read begin in the present, then suddenly in chapter 2 I am swept back decades to where the story begins.

I seem to have caught the habit!

My story is going backwardsday by day!

Today we are back in the second world war, Hitler has entered Norway, and his largest battleship in hiding in the fjords.   British troops are sent to Northern Iceland to protect the vital shiping routes of the North Atlantic

In Akureyri , while on a training trek one platoon is beaten by the bad weather and several men lose their lives to the cold. One soldier is found by a young man looking for the family sheep and takes him back to the farmhouse saving his life.

That soldier was my father!

He returned to England, and as regular soldier, remained on active service until 1947. The following year I was born. He and his rescuer, Meyvant, remained friends unto many years after the war. The two old men seen here at their last meeting in 1968. It is his granddaughter Gunny who is my penfriend, and Gunny's granddaughter, Sunna, who has AHC

So in a way, I am paying back what they did for my family – after all without them I would not be here!



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